Systems Engineering

  • Electrical engineering -design, develop and manufacture
  • Mechanical design & fabrication
  • Packaging design for harsh environments
  • Network engineering (IP, SATCOM, wireless, video network, etc.)
  • Embedded programming (C, C++, Assembly)
  • Algorithm development for automated troubleshooting, alarms, analytics
  • Power Management

Application Development

  • Video management solutions
  • Data management solutions
  • System architecture
  • Application programming (C, C++, C#, Java, MFC, Qt)

Partners for additional short-term engineering support in particular areas of expertise

Production & Manufacturing

  • Large system assembly
  • Electronics assembly and test
  • EO/IR assembly and system customization
  • Rapid prototype fabrication
  • Metal shop with capabilities for bending, cutting, stamping, welding, etc.
  • Production capability for large scale, high volume contracts or one-off
  •    customizations