Site Commander

Edge-based, multi-sensor monitoring, control and communication tool

Control your command center using SiteCOMMANDER™, our state-of-the-industry VMS (video management software) client which provides robust video management with a highly effective and efficient edge-centric approach. This multi-server monitoring, control and communication tool allows a variety of customizable configurations for maximum utility and features an intuitive user interface.

You can use multiple cameras and archival video on the edge to continuously monitor hundreds of remote surveillance locations. Video records are not lost due to a corrupted network connection; communications maintain integrity even over troublesome data connections like double-hop SATCOM.


sitecommand-large-00SiteCOMMANDER™ Features

  • Small to enterprise-wide scalability
  • Supports simultaneous access to up to 150 SentryEDGE IDM™ edge NVR
    modules per license with unlimited NVR support
  • Graphical user interface
  • Vast video archive and recall capability


Sentry IDM EVR

The SentryIDM-EVR™ is a rugged edge video recording (EVR) device providing at-the-edge data recording and management for remote video storage, video access management, video analytics, and camera controls supporting up to 4 content analytics, the SentryIDM-EVR™ module can be used as primary video storage, or as a remote emergency recovery archive to mitigate network comunication or centralized NVR failure. Over 500 units currently deployed to protect some of our nation’s most vital national secutiy assets. An API is available to integrate the SentryIDM-EVR™ into any existing VMS or PSIM system, and ONVIF is coming soon.


idmevr-large-03SentryIDM-EVR™ Features

  • Industrial Grade: -20℃ to +50℃ Operating Temp
  • Rugged Grade: -40℃ to +80℃ Operating Temp
  • Panel or Rack Mount Configurations Available



Sentry IDM NVR

The SentryIDM-NVR™ is an industrial grade NVR with support for up to 16 IP cameras. The video may be stored in JPEG or h.264 formats. The server configurations are RAID starting at 2TB storage capacity. This central NVR is directly compatible with SiteCommander™ and works essentially the same way that the SentryIDM-EVR™ works. The primary difference is in the number of cameras supported and the type of hardware used. The SentryIDM-NVR™ uses higher end servers with greater processing and larger storage capacity, but requiring “server room” environments for operation. This device is designed to accommodate a number of cameras such as for a small office or retail building (larger buildings can be covered using multiple SentryIDM0NVR™ units), or to server as longer term archival for remote cameras using a SentryIDM-EVR™.

idmnvr-large-00SentryIDM-NVR™ Features

  • Central Archive NVR
  • JPEG and h.264 support
  • RAID Server starting at 2TB
  • Support for up the 16 IP cameras



Net Commander

Automated Remote Device Management

The NetCommander™ provides unique network versatility. Integrating this supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) module into a remote surveillance site gives the operator the ability to monitor and control system operation – either automatically or manually.

NetCommander™ provides a truly intelligent remote surveillance solution through intelligent remote system monitoring, thermal monitoring and protection, and device control. Over 450 units are currently deployed to protect some of our nation’s most vital national security assets.

netcommander-large-00NetCOMMANDER™ Features

  • 1 Ethernet Interface, 10/100mb
  • RS232 Port
  • 4 relays, SPST, 5 Amp 250 V AC
  • Temperature and humidity sensors with adjustable temperature limits for relays
  • Web interface for remote control and monitoring
  • Programmable contact closures
  • Latching alarms
  • Low power 9-24 V DC/AC operation
  • Vast video archive and recall capability

Sentry VCA

vca-large-01Video Content Analysis

SentryVCA™ provides the capability to analyze the threat by tracking moving targets, detecting abandoned objects, alarming on wrong-way traffic, counting traffic, detecting when something enters an entry-way, but ignore when something exits (or vice-versa), detect tailgaters through a gate, classifying targets and display their approximate speed, electronically stabilize an image, and more.

SentryVCA™ Basic

Free with purchase of certain cameras or encoders on which it is embedded. Includes basic video analytics with 40 detection zones, directional line crossing, polygon zone entry/exit, and 3D calibration tool.

SentryVCA™ Surveillance

Includes the basic product plus advanced features such as basic counting, tailgating detection, directional alarms, dwell/loitering alarms, tamper alarm, target classification, target tracking with speed approximation, abandoned object, removed object, metadata XML, image shake removal.

SentryVCA™ Pro

Includes all the features of the Surveillance package plus advanced line counting with directional filters.

SentryVCA™ Chase

Free on certain pan/tilt cameras and available as an optional upgrade on other pan/tilt camera or on SentryNET NVE™ modules. Provides PTZ auto -tracking functionality with auto, event driven, or manual activation capability, target classification, multi -target on- screen graphical tracking with speed indication, 3D calibration tool, Metadat XML and image shake removal.

Electronics Image Stabilization

Included on the SentryNET eSTAB™ module, or available as an add-on upgrade to SentryVCA™ Surveillance, Pro, or Chase packages on SentryVCA™ equipped cameras or encoders.