Power management and distribution for remote locations

In remote locations, primary or backup power provision is a huge challenge. Working with renewable energy sources, grid or generator sources, SentryPOWER CORE™ is the optimum solution for providing autonomous, renewable power management and distribution for critical remote systems like surveillance, radar or communications.

With multiple power inputs (e.g., solar, wind, grid and generator), the SentryPOWER CORE™ is the solution for your mission. Combining intelligent, state-of-the-art battery charge control, power storage and output with a variety of communications options including wireless, IP, cellular and fiber, this solution provides advanced power management tools, remote system health and status monitoring capabilities.

powercore-large-01SentryPOWER CORE™ Features

  • Grid, solar, or wind power
  • 30 A input, output, and load
  • 3-stage charging
  • Field configurable for 12, 24, and 48 V battery banks.
  • Real-time system state and logging
  • IP, wireless, or fiber system control




Advanced Managed Power Hybrid Charge Controller

The SentryPOWER™ product line offers a unique modular approach to remote power and system management. At its core is the SentryPOWER AMP™ Advanced Managed Power module, a rugged, multi-input, wide-temperature range, military-grade solar charge controller that includes configurable low voltage load dropout and up to three power source inputs, all with discrete current measurement.

amp-large-03SentryPOWER AMP™ Features

  • 30 A input, output, and load
  • Field-configurable for 12 and 24 V battery banks (48 V optional)
  • 3-stage charging
  • Configurable for military or commercial power applications
  • Available in in NEMA/IP rated enclosure or open rack configurations
  • Can be expanded to work with small wind turbines, generators, and grid power to supplement or replace solar power.




power-pod-01The SentryPOWER™ product line offers a unique modular approach to remote power and system management. The SentryPOWER™ POD offers Power On Demand for a variety of applications. Simply add AGM batteries to provide the storage capacity needed and you have a hybrid UPS that accepts power from up to three sources. The SentryPOWER™ POD comes standard with a 24vdc Power I/O rail, 110 vac input that can be used for mains power or a generator, and two 24 vdc inputs for sources such as solar panels.

With this simple, modular component you can easily create a hybrid UPS to power your remote systems, or systems in your building. For a turnkey alternative consider the SentryPOWER™ CORE which integrates the SentryPOWER™ POD with batteries and an enclosure.