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Our core values are delivered through our innovative designs​

Trust & Integrity

This value relates to the employee’s innate compulsion to do the right thing: for the company, the employee themselves, and for their co-workers. It is displayed by acting with transparency and instilling in others the faith that the employee can be relied upon.

Initiative & Creativity

The essence of Sentry View Systems is forward looking. Its employees are self-starters who are open-minded about alternative solutions to project requirements, routine tasks, and problem solving. We not only accept change, but actively seek it out and embrace it


We interact with our co-workers in a manner which exhibits a mindfulness of the needs and positions of others and encourages them to deal likewise with us. We also recognize the differing roles and responsibilities within the company and appreciate the authority incumbent in those roles.


Inwardly, this value means we apply the expertise and skill sets we bring to the company to each task at hand and endeavor to improve upon them through our career. Outwardly, it means we are cognizant of our own image as well as the company’s image and make every effort to avoid any blemishes on either.


As a business entity, we know our efforts must culminate in productive enterprise. We take ownership of our tasks to see them through to successful conclusions in a timely manner. Your projects demand attention to detail and we are diligent in fulfilling these requests.


Sentry View Systems is a highly motivated and collaborative team of bright, creative individuals.

We pride ourselves in delivering quality, edge-based engineered solutions to our customers in remote environments.


We provide edge-based solutions that identify threats early to assure critical infrastructure and public safety.


Our core values are delivered through our innovative designs, quality-driven performance measures, community involvement, and a team approach that provides a foundation for success.