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Critical Infrastructure Monitoring / Remote Off Site Monitoring Services

National Security

National security and civil order rely heavily on the reliable operation and management of large-scale, critical infrastructure sites. Agriculture and food, water, public health, emergency services, government, defense, energy, transportation and shipping, chemical, petrochemical, and hazardous materials critical infrastructures are all susceptible to natural disasters, failures, and malicious attacks. This is where remote off site monitoring services comes in.

The monitoring, control, and security of these systems represent massive challenges as their size, complexity, and interactions are steadily growing.

Sentry View Systems has extensive experience in providing remote off site monitoring services to protect our nation’s most valuable assets. Our solutions can help system integrators address a spectrum of security installation challenges, such as remote and autonomous power supply and communications.

More than 500 custom-developed Sentry View surveillance solutions for remote site monitoring have been deployed across the USA. These sites experience extreme weather, from blistering 70°C+ summers to -30°C or colder winters, very high sustained winds, blizzards, and ice storms. Systems supported by Sentry View Systems provide edge video storage, IP communications interface (SATCOM, radio, or hard-wired network interface), cameras, video analytics, intelligent edge device management, power management, environmentally controlled enclosure, etc.

There is virtually no limit to what you can protect with a Sentry View solution. Contact Sentry View Systems to schedule a technical review of your Critical Infrastructure Monitoring project.