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High-Value Asset Protection

Remote Security Monitoring Services

The risks of criminal terrorism, loss of high-value assets and property, and vandalism are rapidly becoming commonplace in parts of the world that have traditionally been considered relatively free from risk. Unfortunately, there are now nearly infinite numbers of threats harming interests. This is the main reason why you need High-Value Asset Protection / Remote Security Monitoring services.

Shutting the site down is not an option at high-value assets like defense installations, utility companies, land-based refineries, and large-scale companies. The loss in revenue for a day or two (due to a security risk) could be higher than the site’s annual security budget. Sometimes the assets are so important the loss of even one day could seriously impact production or defense capabilities, or provide the enemy with significant propaganda value.

Sentry View Systems provides technology solutions that can aid in confronting the continually changing threats to critical Department of Defense (DoD) sites and other high-value assets from intruders, explosives, chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear (CBRN), and other combined threats.

Sentry View Systems’ goal is to design, develop, and implement innovative solutions that assist physical security technologies to protect high value assets by enabling responses to incidents and accidents that impact national security.

There is virtually no limit to what you can protect with a Sentry View solution. Contact Sentry View Systems to schedule a technical review of your High-Value Asset Protection and Remote Security Monitoring project.




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