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Border Surveillance / Remote Border Security Services

Remote Locations

The protection of international borders can be one of the most difficult security and surveillance applications. The area covered is often remote, can experience very harsh weather conditions, and may be vast in size.

Challenges in monitoring such terrain can be tough to handle. Remote locations require reliable and sustainable power and communications that may be tough or expensive to provide. Detecting threats in the air, on the ground, or under the ground each have their own set of challenges. The environments where systems will need to be located can be harsh, so systems deployed there must be capable of surviving in extreme hot or extreme cold, rain, humid, and arid environments.

The Sentry View System border security services is a means of providing remote surveillance, threat detection, and visual assessment. The solution is easily customizable with a flexible design architecture that can be adjusted to accommodate any environment.

Many of the surveillance locations along a border can be powered by renewable energy, making the system simpler to install and more economical to operate and maintain. The Sentry View Systems border solution provides protection, surveillance, security, and preservation.

There is virtually no limit to what you can protect with a Sentry View solution. Contact Sentry View Systems to schedule a technical review of your Border Surveillance project.