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Sentry Nexus

Sentry Nexus is a SaaS (Software as a Service) product that supplies instant and reliable data for the user.  It provides users the ability to interact with and gather data from commercially available monitoring and mitigation devices such as radars, visual reconnaissance devices and electronic warfare devices integrated on deployed Sentry UMDP (Urban Mobile Detection Platform)


  • Real time, automated slew-to-cue of Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras on active targets, including commercial drones for visual verification
  • Radar Fusion – ability to track targets across multiple radar units while maintaining track IDs for a given target
  • Multiple Targeting Methods for camera tracking including: Closest Target or Target Cycle (rotating a PTZ camera through targets with user-defined dwell times)
  • Dynamic Mapping allows end users to designate appropriate response (camera tracking, alarms/alerts) depending on classification of target and precise location of that target in 3D space
  •  C-UAS features include: drone priority (track closest target, but prioritize drones over other targets) and drone-only mode (track only targets classified as drones)
  • Calibration toolset allows end users to optimize system performance by accounting for topography and other area-specific features that would impact sensor performance and camera tracking
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