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Innovative Solutions

Our engineered systems provide protection for some of our nation’s most critical assets

Sentry Nexus

Sentry Nexus is a SaaS (Software as a Service) product that supplies instant and reliable data for the user. It provides users the ability to interact with and gather data from commercially available monitoring and mitigation devices such as radars, visual reconnaissance devices, and electronic warfare devices integrated on deployed Sentry UMDP (Urban Mobile Detection Platform


Sentry View Systems Urban Mobile Detection Platform (UMDP) offers the end user a scalable approach for their mission and budget. The UMDP is a self-powered platform with the ability to add a variety of sensor options without having to purchase a new platform as technology changes or becomes readily available.

SVS RF Enclosure

Sentry View’s RF Enclosure provides a secure communications solution utilizing the Persistent Systems MPU5 radio. In addition to communications, the Video Feed Subsystem captures camera video feeds and sends output via 3G-SDI for transmission to ground and airborne vehicles. This allows the responding vehicles to view the encoded video within 1.5 miles of the fixed location.